Friday, June 5, 2009

The Overview

I'm hoping to create a series of blogs detailing our recent adventures in Europe. Hopefully, we'll be doing more traveling, and we can continue to add to this blog.

Here are the people who'll be mentioned:
Nathan, Nikki, Jacob, & Merani - that's us, of course! "I" refers to Nikki, unless otherwise specified.
Erin & Joe - my sister and her boyfriend, who flew over from their home in Canada.
Mom - that's my mom. She flew over too.
Nathan, Adrienne, Bryce, Katy, & Jared - that's my brother, his wife, and their three kids. They live near Frankfurt and are the main reason we all traveled to Europe! I'll try to call this Nathan "Nate" so as to distinguish him from my husband.
Josh, Laura, Hannah, & Wyatt - Josh & Nate were best friends growing up. He & his family (wife & two kids) flew out also.
Xavier, Magda, & Aneu - these are the people that we stayed with during the highlight of our trip to Spain. We met them through Couchsurfing.

Here's a brief itinerary of our time in Europe:

May 13 - We flew from Kansas City to Frankfurt. We arrived the morning of the 14th and had that one day to spend on our own with Nate's family.
May 15 - We flew from Germany to Spain and attempted to spend the day in Barcelona, but it didn't happen.
May 15-18 - We stayed in Lleida, Spain with Xavier & Magda.
May 18-20 - We stayed in Mollet, Spain at a cheap hotel.
May 20 - We flew back to Germany to spend more time with Nate's family and the rest who were either already there or arriving shortly.
May 24 - Bryce's confirmation (the main reason for everybody's visit)
June 1 - We said goodbye and flew back to Kansas City.

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