Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Trip to Canada

Another trip - another reason to blog!

Not that I had caught up with the last trip or anything, but... well, I guess I'll work on both simultaneously. :)

The kids & I went to Canada to visit my sister Erin for two weeks. I've got lots of pictures and stories to share. She lives in Waterloo, and we visited Toronto & Niagara Falls as well.

I'll start with the lobster story. We went to a grocery store, and they had an aquarium of live lobsters for purchase. I pointed them out to Merani, and she wondered why they were here. I explained that some people eat the lobsters. She asked why they eat them. Erin & I laughed, since she & I are both vegetarian (and even before I was, I was never a fan of seafood anyways). We told her that Joe likes to eat them, and we took Merani to Joe to ask him why. But when we got to him, she asked him this question: "Why do you like to eat the hamsters?" Haha! Whenever we talked about it that week, she usually forgot and called them hamsters instead of lobsters!

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